TD 80 D

The Turbo-Diggers are the first pneumatic Spades  around the world and a patented invention of the MTM Spindler & Schmid GmbH Germany.

More than 20 years the Turbo-Diggers facilitates great efforts of hard work.
By using a Turbo-Digger every operation is easier, faster and safer.
Whether digging horizontal or vertikal in clay or stoney soil, nor grubbing trees and cutting roots, stones, asphalt, or compacting, cracking, removing different surfaces like laminate, bitumen, tiles, PVC, plastering, wood, parquet no problem for the Turbo-Digger.

All Turbo-Diggers are recommended by the Health and Safetey Executive.
The vibration reduced models work (P) with an acceleration vector from 2.7 ms² to 4.2 ms² which allows working without break.