Revita I / II

RevitaThe REVITA is perfect to inject comfortable  and precisely solid material in bigger size directly into the roots area to vitalize  and irrigate urban trees also as plants and puttinggreen on golfcourses. It´s possible to inject fertilizer and  water storage material to encrease harvest and vitality of fruit plantations and vine yards in one operation also as remove static water immediately and long lasting . The REVITA is perfect as aeration unit and fertilize injector  by  flexible injection depth between 15 and 90 cm

Weight: 13,5 kg
Material size: 5 mm grains
Container size: 1,8 l
Injection depth: 15 - 90 cm
Pressure: 6 bar
Air volume: 300 l/min
Needed compressor: 2500 l/min